我們名家珠寶有一個重要和瑰麗的10克拉紅寶石和鑽石戒指。通過SSFS和GRS報告編號87976和GRS2016-098289.這兩種證書所 示的一塊紅寶石是沒有加熱處理的,産地是來自莫桑比克。同時伴隨著一個附錄GRS鉑金獎編號1853。指出紅寶石是帶有非常罕見的組合, 大小(10.03克拉),出色的色彩(GRS型’鴿子血’),仿古墊型,大俯視全貌, 及無加熱處理

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市場上不難找到超越10克拉的祖母綠,藍寶石及鑽石,惟大顆紅寶石卻極為罕有 . 尤其未經加熱處理,超過10克拉,接近完美結晶的鴿血紅紅寶石更是各位珠寶喜愛者的追求


In Lane Joaillier , we have an important and superb 10 carats ruby and diamond ring . Accompanied by SSEF and GRS reports number 87976 and GRS2016-098289 . Both certificate indicated the piece of ruby is No heated and the origin is from Mozambique . Also accompanied by an appendix to GRS platinum award No. 1853 . Stating that the ruby is One important gemstone with rare combination size ( 10.03 ct ) , excellent color ( GRS type “pigeon’s blood” ) , antique cushion shape , large face-up appearance and spared of thermal enhancement .

Whereas emerald , sapphire and diamonds appear on the market in sizes more considerable than 10 carats , large rubies over 10 carats are rare . To have an unheated stone weighting more then 10 carats with near perfect crystallization and a ” Pigeon Blood ” red color is in today’s market – the dream of every fine Jewellery lover