The 87th Academy Awards results have been announced, did any of your favorite actors and actresses win an Oscar? Every year, the occasion has been known to showcase some of the best in the fashion industry, and it’s always a glamorous show of its own on the red carpet, with gorgeous actresses each fighting their way to out dress each other. Of course, their distinctive features, beautiful looks, and slender body figures only bring out the best in their dresses, gowns, and jewelry, showcasing irresistible and drop dead gorgeous looks for all of us. Let’s look at how they wore their exquisite accessory pieces in this issue.

The Oscars is one of the most ostentatious events of the year, and invaluable jewelry pieces are bound to be showcased. Even the biggest stars of Hollywood know that the key is striking the right balance, so if the necklace is the centerpiece for the night, they will have to give up on the earrings, or else the heaviness of several jewelry pieces all demanding attention will look unrefined and tasteless.

The Necklace Series

Scarlett Johansson’s large V-neck dress this year matched perfectly with the extravagant emerald necklace, creating a rare oneness between dress and accessory. In fact, V necked gowns match very well with large necklaces, and is a safe choice for many occasions, just as Margot Robbie did.

scarlett-johannson-2015-oscars-arrivals-04 SC_Lane_037_small

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Although Jessica Chastain and Zoe Saldana wore heart shaped and squared collars respectively, they are both suitable designs for busty females. A simple, circular shaped necklace will create curvature to balance out angular shaped collars, maintaining focus on the body contour and perfecting figure.

Jessica Chastain necklace_1

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Jessica Chastain TC_Lane_010_small

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The Earring Series

Doing away with the necklace, female stars usually opt for the large earring as their centerpiece. Not only are the choices for earrings of great variety, but the overall effect a great pair has on your outfit is no less than what a necklace can do. For example, this year, Jennifer Hudson’s large rectangular emerald earrings matched her pastel yellow gown impeccably, also aided by the fact that emerald accessories fare particularly well on darker skin toned women, often creating a mysterious and elegant look.

jennifer-hudson-2015-oscars-jewelry OT_Lane_015c_Large

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The young Chloe Moretz let her long hair down and chose a hip one sided earring, successfully capturing our attention. This goes to show that large earring pieces need not be worn traditionally; sometimes daring choices may create an even better effect.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s pair of extra large ruby earrings dangled before our eyes and captivated us, flawlessly complimenting her light pink evening gown. With large earrings such as this, hairstyles that are tied up are usually most suitable.

Gwyneth Paltrow SC_H10_Large

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Best Actress Oscar winner Julianne Moore wore a white sequined nightgown, sporting a low bun that allows for her round shaped diamond earrings to glow with subtle elegance and refinement.

Julianne Moore SC_H7_Large

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