A wedding band on your ring finger represents a commitment for life, and it also signifies that you will spend a lifetime with the wedding band, so of course you can understand how crucial it is to choose the right one. What are the elements you need to consider when purchasing your wedding band? Have a look at the nine following tips, and check to see if you’ve considered them already?

1. Ideal Style 
Of course it’s not just about “you”, there’s also your fiance! The first step should definitely be a seriously sit down, where both of you exchange ideas about your ideal wedding band requirements. Sometimes when a man tells you he’s happy with whatever you choose, it’s because he hasn’t really thought about whether the ring will clash with his daily outfits, but by then it is way too late. Your wedding band is a lifetime commitment after all!

2. Set a Budget 
Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on this, it is still more efficient to set a budget. Minimize your extraneous concerns so you can focus on finding the ring to fall in love with.

3. Matching your Engagement Ring  
If you plan to wear both your engagement ring and your wedding band together, you have to think about whether the two matches. Alternatively, you could also choose a set that includes both. Of course, every situation is different, for example if your engagement was a surprise, then it’s probably difficult to choose both in advance. After all, if you plan to wear both at the same time, a simple rule to follow is for one to err on the simple side, and for the other to be fancier.

4. Differing Materials are Okay 
If you and your fiance like different materials, you like platinum and he likes silver, that’s definitely okay as well! Just as long as the two rings are designed to look like a pair.

5. Don’t forget your Daily Routines 
Wedding bands are traditionally worn every day, but many married couples choose not to do this anymore. If you do decide to wear it every day, a simple style is essential. Those who are active, sporty, and are involved with lots of finger activities, a platinum ring with simple streamlined design is your best option.

6. Remember to Leave yourself Time 
If you know that you have difficulties making choices, is a perfectionist, or partake to more unique styles, remember to start early in picking your wedding band. If in the end you can’t find a style you like, getting customized rings will take some time.

7. The Best Time for Fitting
Leave enough time for your fitting, making sure that it is comfortable and snug. Avoid scheduling your fitting in situations where your body temperature may be unusually high or low, affecting the size of your fingers.

8. Find the One 
Just like finding your partner for life, your wedding band is something you will spend the rest of your life with. Find a style that you truly love, and don’t listen to everyone else who’s trying to give you their opinion, finding what you love is most important.

9. Maintenance Matters
There’s a reason why the majority of wedding bands have simplistic designs. More detailed and fancier styles will require a lot more aftercare to clean and protect your ring.