The Little Black Dress is every girl’s wardrobe essential, because it’s about the only thing that goes well in any sort of situation or occasion, even last minute dates or meetings. Investing in several little black dresses is a wise investment to say the least, but don’t forget that accessorizing accordingly is as important and will help really show your style!

Wearing it to Work 

Workplaces are always welcoming of the all black, particularly the little black dress- formal, serious, yet comfortable, it’s definitely saved many office ladies the hassle of picking out an outfit when they were struggling to get to work on time. A little black dress matched with a sharply tailored blazer on top, together with a pair of plain darker toned heels, simply shouts professionalism; If the cutting of the dress permits, adding a shellac waist band or belt will add some interesting variation. Work black dresses are usually V necked, crew necked, or flat collared, so in general an all black piece does well with ornaments such as a diamond brooch, adding life to the outfit!


Wearing it to Party 

A little black party dress will probably play around with more designs and make use of different fabrics and materials, with the one goal in mind, which is to help show off your body shape, bringing all eyes and focus onto you. We often see low cuts, larger V necks, and spaghetti straps; with satin, glass beads, rhinestones, transparent elements etc., they are sure to fit the occasion well. That’s why, on top of all that, a finely designed large dangling pair of earrings will go exceptionally well with the black dress, because not only does it not take away the focus from your dress, it even helps stabilize the various elements of your entire outfit.


Wearing it for Leisure 

The little black dress styled as everyday casual wear is like something you can’t go wrong with. All you have to do is match it with a pair of flats, a jean jacket maybe, and there you have an outfit for the weekend. If you have a date with friends or your other half at night, simply swap the jacket for a short knitted coat or a suit jacket, add on a dangling necklace, and with that you mesmerize the crowd again.