Lane Joaillier Fine Jewellery blends exquisite gemstones and distinctive craftsmanship in art pieces. Established in 1995, it creates original and perfectly crafted fine jewellery with precious stones and rare metals.

One of its newest creations: a pair of natural round brilliant-cut emerald and diamond earrings is available exclusively at the Lane Joaillier store in LANDMARK PRINCE’S.

The green of the emerald is a deep shade strongly favoured in Victorian jewellery; it represents the renewal of life and nature, and not only lights up the life of the modern woman but also reveals the beauty of a work of art.

It comprises 14 round, brilliant-cut natural green emeralds, 34 pear-shaped white diamonds, two marquise white diamonds and 112 round white diamonds. There is a total of 20.79 carats of diamonds and 14.17 carats’ worth of emeralds in the earrings.

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