There are so many choices for earrings out there, big ones and small ones, dangling and studs, rubies and emeralds… Most of the time, you end up just picking one randomly, putting it next to your earlobes for a final check, and then deciding to wear them out. As we enter December, the parties will come one after the other! If you really want to stand out, choosing your earrings according to your hairstyle would be a great way to do just that. Get ready to choose your perfect pair of earrings that will work your hair as much as your style!

1. Long Hair

The long hair and a shawl, a favourite for the ladies. Regardless of whether it’s long and curly or straight hair, attending a party or a grand occasion, the studs will probably stay in the jewellery box for the now, but the dangling, brightly coloured clip on earrings will be perfect for these occasions. Take note, the larger the earring is, the more daring it’s going to feel. In a case like this, you might consider tying the hair up to balance the extravagant style of the pair.

SC_lane033b_small  TC_Lane_027_small


2. Short Hair

The chemistry between short hair and earrings is so perfect that it’s basically asking everyone to get their hair cut short so their earrings can stand out! Almost all shapes and sizes will look good with short haired ladies, but if you wear a particularly over the top pair of dangling earrings, it will help your face look more petite and charming.


SC_H3_small SC_H5_small

3. Mid-lengthed Hair

Basically, any shapes and sizes is worth a try with this hair length, but avoid ones that are too long and too bulky looking, especially with the weight of your hair, it is easy for the whole combination to look too heavy. Mid lengthed dangling or lighter designed earrings are a wise choice for medium lengthed hairstyles.

SC_Lane_029b_small  ER_Lane_016_small

4. High Bun
Tying a high bun at a grand occasion is a signature of confidence, and a perfect way to show off a pair of earrings. The more formal the occasion, the more extravagant the earring can be. In terms of matching, pay attention to the colour of your dress and earrings, and if the size of your earrings is already quite large, then don’t match it with another necklace to avoid an overall bulky look.

SC_H9_small  SC_H10_small