Getting a few extra days of holiday for Chinese New Year may result in an even busier schedule. First there are family gatherings, then you might have to visit your cousins, really you’re just surrounded by people all day. Choosing what to wear becomes crucial, it must be extravagantly fitting for the occasion, and it must be festive at the same time. On the holiday that the Chinese values most, knowing how to choose the right jewelry will definitely make everyone envious of you.



There’s a reason the older generations love jade. Through refined artisanal skills, jades can become all sorts of delicate accessories. If you wear the jade accessory long enough, its color changes ever so slightly, creating a truly unique and incomparable piece. From a religious standpoint, jades also cast away evil and disasters, safeguarding your luck and are a symbol of bliss.

Red has connotations of passion, bliss, and good luck, a classic favorite to ornament jades, creating a blessed and fortunate aura, most suited for the mature woman.

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Pearls are classy and pure, standing out amongst the mass with elegance and grace. Carrying the best of oriental beauty, it is a symbol of health, wealth, and longevity, perfect for the festivities of Chinese New Year.

Pearls match up beautifully with the color purple, highlighting subtle elegance. Purple is also represents “the coming of good fortune”, very suited for the mature and confident woman.

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The precious ruby is colorful and glamorous, giving off a vibrant and lively persona. Rubies represent limitless passion and timeless faith, also of course representing celebration and joyfulness.

Lime green also presents life and liveliness, and picking this colour during the lunar new year to go with rubies is a chic combination for young hearted girls.

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