We possess only the finest quality of diamonds.
How We Are Different


from our galaxy of diamonds
We believe in originality.

Our diamonds are carefully sourced from around the world to ensure its rarity. From the initial stage to the meticulously crafting each piece of jewellery, we monitor each and every step to guarantee our customers are receiving only the finest quality.

Our Standard

Lane Joaillier only sources the most perfect, high quality diamonds that we believe meet the Lane Joaillier standard. Our pursuit of perfection is demonstrated by our difficult selection process based on choosing uniquely cut diamonds with rare colours to guarantee that you are receiving one of the world’s most beautiful diamonds.

Different diamond cuts

We offer a variety of different diamond cuts such as pear-shaped, emerald-cut, classic round, heart, and more – each cut uniquely crafted and tailored to each customer’s style and preference. Steeped in myth and magic, our treasured gemstones are also found in a range of blended colours.

Coloured Gems

Our selection of fine coloured gems includes emerald, ruby, sapphires, and other unusual colours, exuding true authenticity and originality. Lane Joaillier believes that for every story there should be a perfect diamond cut coupled with a celestial colour to symbolize your unforgettable story.