The temperature is finally lowering, reminding you that winter is coming, and of course you’re excited to bring out your fall/winter wardrobe at long last. You scan your collection and realize that you have most of the essentials, but everything is in tones of blue, black, and grey, a common habit for the winter selections. So maybe you’ll try and switch things up this season!

The Poncho and the Oversized

The Poncho and the oversized top is a hit this season, a must-have for your wardrobe, but to avoid looking too bulky, tight fitting garments and heels will compliment your outfit well. For smaller sized females, pay attention to the length of your poncho or oversized jacket, careful not to be ‘drowned’ by your outerwear. To really set yourself apart, consider a bright and shiny brooch that pops out on your coat, adding just the right amount of personal flair.


Broad Brim Hats

Broad Brim hats exude a deeply feminine aura, at the same time giving off laissez-faire qualities that show the world that “I’m in no hurry today”. A definite must have for the fashionable women in the fall season, the question is again, how do I amplify its charm? Try dangling a pair of long diamond earrings off your earlobe, creating a shimmer as it dangles and shifts with your movement. Paired with the broad brim hat, it is as if the earring is in partial hiding, mysterious and charming at the same time.



The winter season might as well be the party season, so your cocktail dress and clutch is your definite go to combination. If you want to work this style, we suggest playing around with what’s on your fingers, such as a large fully dimensional flower shaped pearl ring, adding life and showing off your delicately agile fingers to match your playful style.

Suit Style Craze

The Normcore fad has brought us all back to the basics, and now we are shifting towards clothing that is comfortable and natural looking. The androgynous suit style is a big hit, and goes so well with both the heels and the sports shoes. If you want to accessorize but don’t want to ruin the bare basics look, placing a simply designed tennis bracelet on your wrist is the perfect choice, shouting refined taste and chic fashion sense.