A unique brooch can help a previously mundane outfit stand out, helping you really show off your style. Unlike other accessories, brooches aren’t limited to any particular style or occasion, but can vary depending on different clothing styles, giving off a distinctive vibe for your every occasion. A good brooch is definitely a good investment for your closet, sure to bring on compliments from all around. So how about picking a brooch that matches your unique personality today?

Ornamenting your Everyday Business Suit

Going to work is like going into a battle, but still you somehow manage to insist on looking good and dressing well, despite how tired or busy you feel, because a matching and satisfying outfit gives you the confidence of the day. But with business attire being mostly darker toned and traditional, how can we give it some more edge? A diamond feather brooch will save your outfit. Clean and simple outlines of the feather form captures the heart of many, and creates a sharp contrast to your dark coloured suit, helping the feather stand out and look lively, ornamenting your everyday business attire, and showing off your subtle yet elegant character.

Becoming the Center of Attention at a Grand Occasion

Your evening gown for the occasion has long been decided, but looking at your piece of designer wear, you are inclined to wonder, what am I missing? Is it lacking an elegant flower brooch? A flower pedal shaped brooch is elegant and welcoming, especially stunning when placed on the chest, matched with a low cut evening gown; If your’s is a low bare back dress, placing the brooch on the backside is unique and stylish; If there is a bow on your dress, place your brooch on it, and instantly add class to the outfit. A purple sapphire flower pedal brooch will definitely impress the crowd.

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You are what you Wear

If you believe that “you are what you wear”, you must be one of those people who spends time adding bits and pieces to your outfit to help it stand out. Whether you’re attending a family or friends gathering, comfort and simplicity is the key to your outfit. So how about adding a delicate sapphire butterfly brooch on this season’s favorite trend, a pair of leggings paired with a short knitted top? There’s your outfit for the day! So give that combination a try and show off your fun and lively personality today.