Every piece of jewelry’s unique beauty, fused with a woman’s personal flair, can create an unforgettable and lasting impression. For women who pride themselves of an ever changing style, utilizing different pieces of jewelry must be a big part of keeping that unique style alive. People always say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so how can you skimp on any one piece of jewelry if you want to create lasting impressions?

The Elegant Type

You feel as if Anne Hathaway is your living persona, you know that somehow your smile gives off a classic elegant vibe that people keep telling you about. You’re a sucker for the antiques, always, and you believe in the core values of family, faith, traditions. In other people’s eyes, you are the quiet type, and you are always careful with your words. Everyone tells you how you always dress perfectly for any occasion, always keeping your poise like nothing seems to faze you. For someone so elegant and soft spoken, pearls or jewelry with emerald on it would fit you perfectly.


The Cute and Lovable

You are someone who really values your friends, you love crowds, enjoy all social activities, and feel at best when you’re around your friends. You have a laid back personality, and because you are so good to those around you, everyone loves you. You are also active, humorous, and knows that you need to have fun when you still can. So, colourful and daring jewelry pieces suit your passionate personality really well.

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The Stickler for Order

Ever since you were young, you’ve always followed a clear path. You work with great logic, is organized, ambitious, and know what you want. You are every parent’s perfect child, is trustworthy, and needs to be in control of the details in your life. A classy full set of jewelry will bring out the best part of your trusty personality.


The Busy Bee

You love it when your schedule is fully packed, because the busier you get, the more fulfilling it feels! You believe that people are meant to be productive to live a meaningful life. This means that on top of your work, you have many activities that keep you on your toes, sports, travel, hobbies, taking classes… You’re a person that just goes and do’s. Jewelry that even atheletics can wear, such as a tennis bracelet or a simple hanging necklace would be perfect for you.