When it comes to finding the perfect diamond, women tend to share the experience of having great difficulty in choosing what’s best for them. Besides considering your taste preferences, budget limits, and sizing options, you can also decide based on what best suits your personality. Let’s begin by exploring the five most common diamond shapes and what personality it reflects, so you too can find the perfect piece to show off your unique personality.

Round Brilliant
The classic round cut is the most popular shape in diamonds, suitable for classy, traditional, warm, and trustworthy females.

The sharp cornered cuts of this square shaped diamond is the second most popular choice, representing the humorous, motivated, and intelligent personalities.

The comparatively simple cutting and rectangular shaping allows emerald cut diamonds to fully showcase its clarity, suitable for more straightforward, hard working, and perceptive females.

The asscher cut was borne in the Art Deco era back in 1920′s, a perfect accessory for feminine, detail oriented, and elegant women.

This larger faced cut pairs rounded corners with pillow shaped diamonds, producing a vintage flair for women who are bold, trustworthy, and enjoy sharing ideas with others.