Year end parties seem to come one after another, first the business parties, then the private parties, and then of course the ones with your besties. There’s no better time to bring out your best pieces, be it the designer dress or the vintage jewellery you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Even if you feel like you never have the time or energy to really dress up anymore, why not let lose and go all out during festivities, so you can welcome 2015 with a bang?

The party dress code depends greatly on the venue, from formal attire to casual wear, are you confident about accessorising to the same high level of standard you hold yourself to?

White Tie

The most formal dress code requirements are usually seen at large scaled balls and ceremonial events, and the go-to choice is definitely your elegant night gown. Choosing your accessories is also a formal occasion: for example, you can choose a finely designed but larger scaled necklace as your centre piece, one such as the hanging sapphire necklace would be a definite collectible. Imagine this beautiful piece of jewellery placed on soft materials like satin or taffeta, looking elegant and classy as ever.

Take note that if the necklace is the centre piece, earrings should be as simple as possible.


Black Tie

Compared with the White Tie, Black Tied events are much more common. Many corporate events require black tie attire, an evening gown, or sometimes even cocktail dresses. If the occasion is on the formal side, longer or darker colour tones is a wise choice, and the rule of thumb is similar to the white tie events: simple, clear, and elegant diamond necklaces and earrings are safe and fitting.



Cocktail parties, also known as Semi formal or After Five is probably the most popular party dress code. Whether it is the dress or the accessories, there is generally a less formal overtone but rather a focus on the material and details of your cocktail dress. What are the colour tones? Are there many accessories or embroideries accompanying the dress? A darker dress should go with lighter toned accessories, and the more details available on the dress, the more simple your accessories should be. The key to a cocktail dress is how well it shows off your figure, so make sure the necklace doesn’t become too overwhelming, hiding your alluring collarbone. A pair of signature dangling earrings would definitely be the best compliment to a cocktail dress.



Festive, also known as Holiday Attire or Creative Cocktail, is as the name suggests “a little” creative but chic as the cocktail wear. In order to really allow elements of creativity to shine, working with accessories would do the job. A pair of colourful and shiny earrings or ring would add a modern but cute vibe to your outfit, surely helping you standing out.



The one you’ve been waiting for, because after all, simple is best. Obviously, casual doesn’t mean that you just head out without thinking about your outfit, at least your clothing and accessories have to pass through your own judgement. A part of classy stilettos or even flats will surprisingly work well, saving your day with a casual yet thoughtful look. Add an interesting finger ring to your outfit, and make your gear look even more outstanding! Remember, it is better to err on the fancier side than vice versa, so people won’t mistake you as disrespecting the occasion.