Whether you’re choosing your nightgown or everyday wear, a girl who knows her fashion works her way to show only the best parts of her figure, fully displaying her personality and style. We all know how important it is to consider the cutting and material, but we often forget how important the collar is, too. Next time you pick an evening outfit, choose one that fits your face shape, body figure, and necklace design, only this way can you present the best of both your gown and accessories.

V neck

The V neck is appropriate for pretty much all body shapes, whether you have great curves, a shorter neck, or more of an inverted triangular shaped body, V necks does the magic by elongating your neck and body contour. Two types of necklaces work particularly well, one with a sharply contrasting design, where the shorter necklace is heavily ornamented; the other with a thinner longer design, either hanging above or far below the V neck to avoid awkward positioning.

Square neck

If we can agree that a women’s collar bone is the sexist body part, then the square neck is a natural choice for an evening gown. This type of collar is perfect for women with fuller upper bodies, broader shoulders, deeper collarbones, and shorter necks. Round pendants or multi-strand necklaces with minimalistic designs are also suitable for this type of collar. The emphasis is on creating curvature, balancing out the squared outline of the collar.



High neck

High necks are suitable for women carrying longer faces and thinner longer necks. Some woolen turtlenecks unfortunately give off a negative effect, making the neck look too long. Therefore, picking the right collar is a crucial detail that’s often overlooked, so don’t forget to check if the collar looks proportionate to the length of your neck. Thin and long necklaces are best suited for high necks, and for women with less curvy upper bodies, heavier ornamented necklaces is a great choice for creating a daring and adventurous outlook.