Whether you’re choosing your nightgown or everyday wear, a girl who knows her fashion works her way to show only the best parts of her figure, fully displaying her personality and style. We all know how important it is to consider the cutting and material, but we often forget how important the collar is, too. Next time you pick an evening outfit, choose one that fits your face shape, body figure, and necklace design, only this way can you present the best of both your gown and accessories.

Round Neck

Round necks may be the most frequently encountered collar in everyday wear, good thing it’s not too difficult to handle. Scooped necks with a wider rim is suitable for ladies with narrow shoulders, helping the shoulders look wider; the same goes for those with inverted triangular upper bodies, or those with smaller chests. On the other hand, wider shouldered and curvaceous females would look better with crew neck tops. When choosing necklaces, thicker pieces with detailed complex ornaments are a great choice, decorating the curve of your collar.

Sweetheart Neckline

The sweetheart neckline is often used in nightgowns or dresses, giving an aura of exquisite sophistication. This design is most suited for bosomy females, because it perfectly covers just enough to still show off one’s cleavage, without you having to worry about feeling overexposed. If you’re looking for a simplistic look, a thin necklace with a pendant would be classy; if you want to really highlight your upper body figure, choosing a necklace with complexity that’s detail oriented would definitely do the job.



This is one territory that’s particularly challenging, and for those with really curvaceous chests, arms that are never firm enough, or even shoulders that are slightly too narrow, all know too well how difficult this design is to carry. But if you are someone with one of those enticing collar bones, perfectly sized shoulders and bone structures, soft and smooth baby skin, this type of collar will really show off your boney beauty. Depending on your character, a simple short necklace with a pendent, or one with particularly complex design will both work with strapless clothing.