On one of the biggest days of your life, jewelry and accessories are of course a big part of your day. Even a simple piece of accessory, carefully selected and worn with grace and perfection, will woo the crowds and show off your beauty. If poor choices are made, however, one simple piece may dull your vibrant personality. Get to know the 5 rule of thumbs, and walk proudly down the aisle!

Rule 1- Best Positioning

Make sure your wedding dress has enough room for your jewelry to shine, don’t feel trapped into thinking that some accessories are absolutely necessary. For example, if you have chosen a full arm’s length gown with vintage lace, consider whether it is really necessary to add on another bracelet. 

Rule 2- Colour Matching

If your wedding dress is a bleached white one, you should pick pearls or platinum accessories. If your dress is more of a matte white colour, gold, silver, or pearls are all excellent choices. If there is a subtle hint of yellow in your ivory dress, picking gold coloured accessories would be sure to give off a unique and signature glow. 

Rule 3- Wedding Dress Styles

Strapless gowns are becoming a favorite amongst new brides, so adding a necklace on the alluring collarbone will definitely add to your charm. If the necklace is relatively thicker, don’t forget to consider the size of your earrings, should they be dangling, or button styled earrings? On the other hand, if you are wearing a spaghetti stringed dress, the consideration for hair accessories become much more important. Placing a brooch in the hair or hair bun adds wonders to your image; If you are wearing a v neck gown, a dangling tassel styled necklace will add to the cleavage appeal, showcasing your sexy and dynamic style.


Rule 4- Matching the Occasion

A grandeur wedding should be accessorized with larger and more classic pieces of jewelry, displaying class and confidence; On another hand, smaller scaled weddings or simpler private wedding parties should be paired with lighter and more delicate pieces.


Rule 5- Showcasing your True Self

Just like the wedding gown, your jewelry pieces must reflect your unique qualities and charm. So it all comes down to this: if you wear a piece of jewelry, and immediately your mood is lifted, and you start glowing with unwavering confidence, you’ve picked the right piece. On the flip side, if you start wearing a piece that makes you feel self conscious and uncomfortable, even feeling a bit of pressure, maybe it’s time you picked another piece. Every piece of jewelry is like the female, uniquely exuberant and beautiful. You only have to spend a bit more time finding the piece that is just for you, just as you take the time to find your Mr. Right!