Picking the perfect diamond accessory only to find that your makeup doesn’t match, is like that embarrassing day when you chose to match that polka-dot top with the plaid skirt, it just doesn’t work. Everyone knows that any diamond accessory becomes the singular statement of your outfit, so it also makes sense to apply your makeup as simple as possible. Remember, simplicity is beauty, and you can’t go wrong with that.

Wear your Accessories Before your Makeup


If you want to be sure your makeup matches your accessories, you must learn to put on your accessories before doing your makeup. Since the blitz of the diamonds (especially necklaces or elongated earrings) are enough to showcase your facial features, wearing your jewelry first will help make sure your makeup is neutral and natural looking.

Makeup should only have One Focal Point

The characteristic makeup on the cover of fashion magazines always looks so stylish, so if you’re like me you are probably also waiting for the perfect occasion to try it out. But after you put on your diamond accessories, your makeup can only be simplistic and neutral, or else your whole outfit becomes much too heavy. It’s similar to the basic rules of makeup, if you pick the rouge lipsticks, you wouldn’t go for the smoky eyes, if you have purple eye shadow, you wouldn’t choose a standout colour for your lips, because you know your face only needs one statement.

Using Diamond Colour as Reference for Makeup


You can also use the colour of your gems as reference for what makeup to choose. For example, if you choose a sapphire piece, a golden brown eye shadow would highlight the crystal blue very well; If it’s a diamond necklace, simplistic eye makeup paired with a deep rouge painted lips would be the perfect contrast for the shiny white glow from a diamond. What we don’t recommend is wearing rubies with rouge lips, or emeralds with green eye shadow, tone on tone is a combination that is outdated and lacks sophistication.