Having worked for a good half of the year, maybe you’re feeling a little worn out with your everyday routine. Have you thought of planning a retreat for yourself, at the same time retrieving your own sparkle?

Diamonds are a unique and sophisticated gem, so to pick the perfect colour, one has to not only rely on their personal taste and keen eye, but also choose the right jewelry store that you can trust wholeheartedly.

Lane Joaillier’s gemologists travel around the globe in search of the perfect diamond for all of us. Whether you want to find a diamond for a classic pair of earrings or diamond ring, or one for to craft your glamorous jewelry designs, every signature piece should be a showcase of what perfection looks like.

Varying cuts and colours of gem stones may trigger your soul in infinite ways. Lane Joaillier strives to provide a wide range of selection of diamonds for you to choose from, with cuts ranging from pear shaped, emerald, classic round, and heart shaped etc. Besides choosing the cut, one can also select from emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or other colourful gems to showcase other unique styles and flair.

Every woman shines in their own beautiful way at different occasion, so what better way than to pair this with the glamour of a prestigious diamond? Watch our latest brand promo “Retrieve Your Sparkle” now!