If you are someone who’s terrified at the words “Valentine’s Day”, you probably just forgot how this festivity came about. What you’re afraid of is the cliché routines that Valentine’s Day forces you to go through, or maybe you’re just dreading having to pick the perfect gift.

Put down that burden of thinking about gifts for now, and try to remember why you fell for this girl in the first place? What is it about her that really attracted you? As for the two of you, what experiences did you share together that helped you stay together against all odds?

Valentine’s Day, is about reminding all of us to treasure our lovers, and a gift is the best way to remember just how precious they are.


She’s the cute girl next door…

TC_Lane_039a_thumbnail TC_Lane_09a_thumbnail

Pink gems give people a sweet and unforgettable image, just like your girl who’s cute and approachable. This light and subtle pink is easy to handle regardless of whether it is on a ring or an pair of earrings, just like her easy going personality.


She’s the girl with character…

SB_Lane_027b_small TC_Lane_027_small

There’s no other colour that represents the passion in love as much as rubies do. Gifting an accessory with rubies shows that you are willing to deliver a love that’s even deeper. If she’s a girl with character, unafraid to speak her mind, rubies will help her fierce character stand out.


She’s the girl with kind and generous heart…

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Sapphires give off a subtle but serious vibe, perfect for girls who are kind, generous, and like things the simple way. In a busy and complicated world we live in now, it’s rare to find a girl who’s refined and composed, as precious as the beautiful sapphire. If your love to her is also pure and honest, the sapphire is your choice for the occasion.