The fine jewellery brand unveils new gems and a beautiful short film


Lane Joaillier Fine Jewellery has not only created new and beautiful masterpieces, but has also produced a short film to evoke the versatility of the pieces. The new and distinctive collection of jewels that Lane Joaillier has created includes dazzling earrings, brooches and necklaces. Highlighting four different personalities, the new collection emanates elegance and poise to the highest degree.

The sophisticated set of Ballroom Chandelier earrings featuring sixteen amethysts and hundreds of diamonds are absolute showstoppers that suit the artistic soul. On the other hand, the Bloom of Youth brooch and necklace, featuring hundreds of marquise, pear and brilliant cut diamonds, are the perfect pairings for an evening at one of Hong Kong’s many charity balls and gala dinners. The sparkling stunners are sure to stop people in their tracks. And in honour of classic aristocracy, the jeweller has also created a series of graceful earrings, including the Illuminaire and Claret styles that are set with green and red garnets.

In an effort to further promote the exciting transformation that Lane Joaillier has undergone, Retrieve Your Sparkle, the film produced by the fine jewellery brand, features four contemporary women – the visionary, the artist, the jovial spirit and the blissful heart- each wearing some of the latest masterpieces. With soul, beauty and attitude, each woman reflects the versatile aesthetics that Lane Joaillier represents and reveals the unique new jewels the brand has created.


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